“with a wandering mind, it is impossible”


It matters what we think, say and do. No matter what, I would rather somebody be real, straightforward, and say their true feelings, than be polite, lie, and think, say, and do otherwise behind my back.

In Yoga class yesterday, my amazing 85 year old teacher said some of the wisest words I have ever heard. He was referring to understanding, feeling, and doing Yoga poses, and he said “with a wandering mind, it is impossible.”  Of course this applies to everything in life and to everyone.  It is amazing what we tell ourselves, how we present ourselves to others, as well as our actions and words.

Anything is possible,

But if you are not focused,

If you think it is impossible,

Then reality is what you believe,

Your words are powerful and necessary,

Find your words,

Say your words,

Be your words,

Coach Yulia

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