Happy Quiet 4th of July

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It was so quiet today in the streets, more than usual, maybe people went away for a super long weekend since they had Monday and Tuesday off.  The only day that is this quiet is Christmas day, and as a Jew, it was a day with absolutely nothing to do, because most everything is closed.  Today, of course, most places are open, but the quiet, it was so wonderful driving with absolutely no traffic, on the busiest highway! Do you know why they call it the 405? Because you only go 4 or 5 (it is funny if you live in LA.)

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So my boys still had their Jewish camp, and went to a fun arcade for the day.  My daughter was off today, so we went shopping and hung out with some friends.  I had a class to teach this morning, and then we ran around as far as the Valley (LA reference) no traffic!

Matisyahu Davening (2)

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Now we are home, and in a few hours will join friends for a celebration, and then off to fireworks, nearby, at some country club, next to an awesome park, just hanging out as they are right above our heads.

I keep on seeing posts about gratitude for America, and others saying that their history in America has not been one of freedom.  I only see good, I always see good, change keeps happening, we have a voice, there is no other place like the United States of America.

God Bless America!


Coach Yulia

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