How we look on the outside, and feel on the inside


YES! The two coincided last night, I was so excited to get dressed up and have a good time.  I always say I am either Yoga or Diva, and when I am Diva, she comes out in full force.  I got my hair done, but did my own makeup, and in my own mirror and lighting, I was not sure and hoping for the best.  These pictures are so fun, and I am happy to see I felt amazing, and it comes through in the pictures.

I used to be a night person, and I always wanted to see what was happening, not necessarily an all night partier, but I wanted to check things out to make sure I wasn’t missing anything fantastic.  I also am not a drinker, and nothing equals my natural high, I just get excited with music, ambiance, and just feeling good in my bones.  Last night was beautiful, delicious, and a wonderful time for all at my friend’s wedding.

Nowadays, especially once the kids are asleep, I am so happy just to have quiet, watch a show, read a book, or just browse online.  I love brain off time, and even with my kids, I firmly believe excess once in a while is moderation.  I am lucky, even though the kids love devices, they understand that there are certain times that it is allowed, and usually no more than a few hours.

I am so ready for a productive week of focusing on my health and fitness as well as work, while the kids are in camp.

I am blessed to have good genes, and when I gain weight it is all over, so it is proportionate, but I know when my clothes fit good and I feel my best.  I always say that I want to look as good as I feel.  I am excited that it is only going to get better!

Coach Yulia

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