Direct, Straightforward, Real is good most of the time

Rudyard Kipling

“Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”
― Rudyard Kipling
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Berry Schwartz
Yesterday I got massively triggered by someone. I saw red and was DYING TO respond. I kept my mouth shut and just listened for 20 minutes straight. It took blood sweat and tears. Why? Because I gave my word to never speak from a “triggered” state. I said , I hear you and what you think of me. I’m not going to respond until I get myself clear and have clarity about what response would be appropriate.


I pride myself on being 100% real, no excuses, no fear, just say it how it is.  You always hear that it is more important to listen than to talk, and this is not easy to do.  Especially in our world of extremes, and everyone is really passionate about their positions, things can get heated.  I do not like to get heated, I like to debate, communicate, relate, excavate, tolerate, gestate, and I don’t want to berate!

How about you?

Can you just stop and find what is true?

What can we do?

Together to blend our hue?

Just some late night thoughts to ponder,

I am tired,

Such a great productive day,

Got some interruptions, children changing their minds with fun plans, but I did not let it interfere in my self care, while teaching 6 classes throughout the day.

Got a mani-pedi, went jogging with a friend, and bought a new dress for a big event this weekend!

Ebbing and Flowing,

Coach Yulia


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