The Jewish month of seeing things as they are

Tzemach-Ada Cunin
This Shabbos is Shabbos Rosh Chodesh, and, preparation for Gimmel Tammuz, the day of the Rebbe’s physical passing. Please do something in honor of the Rebbe EVERY DAY, through Tuesday. Quote from the Rebbe ” I must first point out that the division of Judaism into “Orthodox, Conservative, Reform,” etc. is a purely artificial one, for all Jews have one and the same Torah, given by the One and Same G-d, though there are more observant Jews and less observant Jews. To tag on a “label” does not, of course, change the reality.”- The Rebbe

This is a very special month in the Jewish calendar, I love the deeper meaning and reflection that each month brings.  Wisdom from the Lubavitcher Rebbe above, and from a Jewish sister below.

Shira Jacobson
Get ready to usher in the energy of the new Hebrew month of TAMMUZ! 💫
(Rosh Chodesh is on Shabbat and Sunday)
Since Tammuz is the first month of Summer, it’s tied to the element of WATER- 🌊
Water’s form is
Always changing and spontaneous!
Tammuz gives off the energy of spontaneity and the newness of CHANGE.
The month of Tammuz is also very much connected to the sense of SIGHT 👀
Those born during this month have the ability to SEE PAST the physical limitations of things and go beyond what is perceived as IMPOSSIBLE.
They also FEEL life deeply with a unique sensitivity towards every experience they go through.
Have a great month and HAPPY Rosh Chodesh Tammuz! Use the power of sight and the ability to share with others to overcome any sense of physical limitation and may the newness of this month bring the change of successfully connecting to our higher selves!
Remember to light those Shabbat candles on time!


In Judaism we are taught to question, debate, and look at things from every angle.  No matter where you were born, your nationality, culture, way of life,  and how you obsrve, Jews are all one big family.

Let’s respect each others differences,

Coach Yulia

Elad Nehorai

1. Liberal orthodox Jews

2. Anti-Trump orthodox Jews

3. Orthodox Jews who are activists about things like sexual abuse

4. Orthodox Jews who don’t match your specific style of observance

5. Orthodox Jews who do match your style of observance but who don’t live it out in the same way.

6. Orthodox Jews who hold different opinions on Zionism and Israel than you and your immediate world do.

I say this because there have been a glut of articles from traditional orthodox sources fighting for and defending the Kushners. They rightly say that it is not right to question a person’s relationship with their rav, or the way they live out their particular Jewish derech.

But I see fairly little written by such people about this principle applied to people who are not rich and powerful and part of the government. I don’t want to presume the reason for it, but I can say that those who are LESS powerful deserve MORE of this kind of defense.

Especially since on almost every article I’ve ever read about such people, or on Facebook posts coming from those people I read the same refrains we tend to hear about the Kushners, except in even more strident tones:

“They’re not REAL Jews!”

“Chillul Hashem!”

“They’re a disgrace. A blot on the Jewish people.”

“No better than kapos!”

Yes, things we’ve all heard about the Kushners. But they are two people, and honestly, as much as they deserve a hearty defense in this regard, so do the thousands of others who are on the receiving end of these attacks on a daily basis.

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