Every day is a fresh start with my kids

I always give people, opportunities, and life a chance.  I am interested in what they bring to the table, their reasons, their background, because you never know when something may be the right fit.

I try my best to do the same with my kids.  Parenthood is the biggest and most challenging adventure of my life.  No matter what, every day is a fresh start with my kids. Every morning I lay on my couch and let each of them hug me as long as they like. They are early risers, so we are super slow and lazy in the mornings, and have plenty of time for a sit down breakfast together.  Even in between hugs and breakfast there is whining of not enough mommy time, and I remind them I do not speak whinese.

Every week there is a Jewish lesson about life, and this week is so pertinent to parenthood and to how we conduct ourselves in our lives.  Especially in our current climate of taking sides, and extreme points of view, where it is hard to find a middle and a leader that speaks to all of us.  It talks about being an inspiration and a light, and bringing people up with you, whether it is physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually.  While others will easily trample over people to bring about their own ascent, it is a true leader who lets go of ego, and is a voice who stands up for the masses.

Parashat Korach:

Bring others up, not down



Shavua Tov,

Have a wonderful week!

Coach Yulia

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