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Afshine Emrani
Spend less time talking about God and more time talking to God. #prayers#faith
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Sometimes I get so inspired by words and pictures, and the one above is the Kotel, the Western Wall in Jerusalem.  People write little notes with wishes, prayers, as well as honoring those that have passed away, and put it into the wall.  We all have different ways to connect, and I have always connected to myself deep inside, I have a feeling that has guided me with decisions throughout my life.  Now in my observant Jewish life, I connect that with God, and and it has made my vision, focus, and purpose in this world crystal clear.

We all connect differently, some through faith, others through the Law of Attraction or being one with the Universe.  One of my friends really spoke her truth today, and it resonated with me, because this is exactly how I feel.
Maya Safyra Buxani
I really don’t know what took me so long to get this yoga thing right. This is a real career path that has (if you’re smart) good pay, health benefits (obviously lol), good community, flexible schedule and opportunities to travel the world. And I felt the need to go to college to study what again??Smh 🤦‍♂️
Just do what you want and make money at it lol…that’s the meaning of life 💥
…Words of wisdom for the day lol
Let me clarify what I do. I teach yoga in LA & I work with women around the world on Skype giving healings and teaching yoga via video. There are plenty of places less fortunate and that’s where the majority of my work is. When people free their minds they can free themselves of the physical circumstances they live in. We sit down and work through karmic issues around their family/community and many are in so much pain that they would do anything to get to Europe or the US to have a different life…and so we set up a plan for them to do that. Im probably the only person in their life helping them to do that and while I can’t deal with the physical details of a move like that, I do help them emotionally and karmically to create a new path. I’m not here to change ‘capitalism’ just working within in to the best of my ability.
My parents brought us out of the communist former Soviet Union, where faith was illegal.  I am grateful that our Jewish roots were deep, and my family was embraced by Jewish communities all over the world.  I am so blessed to have married my husband and our thriving community.  Shabbat has become an exciting time to look forward to every week, being together, celebrating family, friends, and life.
Shabbat Shalom,
Coach Yulia

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