“Inside Job”

Haize Hawke 
Stop looking outside for your happiness. It is self generated. No one can make you happy. No “thing” can bring you joy. This is an inside job. From the inside out. Happiness is self generated and self maintained. #morning #purpose #selflove #happiness #motivation #relationship
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I am so blessed to find inspiration all around me, this is from a birth world sister and beautiful soul.  As many life truth’s, this can apply to every aspect of your being and how you operate in this world.  Nobody else can do this for you, it is really and “inside job.”

This is also one of the most important aspects of labor and birth.  I often tell my Doula clients that I am not going to birth for them or tell them what to do.  Sure, I have tools, and she will know exactly what is right at that moment in time.  So important to dive in, delve in to your place of surrender, trust, and letting the body and baby lead the way.

Start applying this to your choices in relationships, whether romantic, business, or friendships.  What feels right at your core? This has never led me astray, and sometimes led me in a direction which I had to experience, but ultimately knew it was not for me.

I trust 100%,
This helps life flow without medication and intervention,
Coach Yulia

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