I am Wonder Woman, and so are you!

Just love Gal Gadot’s husband’s T-shirt, because#wonderwoman

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I had to see Wonder Woman in the theater for many reasons, and one of them was to support my Jewish sister Gal Gadot, who is Israeli, and being banned just because she is Jewish.  Lebanon and Tunisia can learn a few things from strong women, who are respected, listened to, and depended on.


I am not the biggest comic book person, and as a kid I watched Wonder Woman on TV, and loved that she was brunette.  I also grew up in Miami and around super hero culture, so her outfit did not phase me, she was a super hero and strong with cool powers. The movie explains her history and how Amazon warriors wore clothes as their armor.

It was fun for me to hear that my niece upon seeing the movie told my brother that she looks like me.  Also my parents coincidentally were watching it at the same time as us across the country, and emailed me to say that I look like her.  As soon as we sat down, my daughter looked at me and said it looks like I am on the screen.

Yes I really did want to seriously play Wonder Woman, so much so, that I looked up the director who was previously trying to make the movie, watched all of his work, and then got married and had children.

I know I am Wonder Woman, and so are you!

I am so honored and grateful to empower women in the work that I do,

It was a blast, great story, fun action, and Gal Gadot made it come to life!

Coach Yulia


Wonder Woman (2)


This is my favorite theatre in Los Feliz, matinee only $6.50 for adults and $5.50 for kids!


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