Study finds Yoga instead of pills for back pain


The article above can also be listened to live, it was on the radio this morning.  I love how science and research are proving that Yoga is the best medicine.

“Who was in the study? Researchers recruited 320 racially diverse, predominantly low-income participants in the Boston area, all of whom had chronic low back pain. The study lasted one year.”


Many people think that Yoga is just an exercise, or cirque du soleil. Others think it is meditation, chanting, and laying around doing nothing.  My teacher, who just turned 85, calls it scientific Yoga, and it is also called Yogic technoloy.  What makes it unique is unlike physical therapy which is short term, and medicine which doesn’t get to the roots of the pain, Yoga is a lifestyle, and our body needs movement and breath for healthy functionality.


What I know for sure is that it feels good,
My direction to my classes is trust what feels good,
Listen to when your body communicates with you,
Look for what feels good,
Discomfort and pain are not a part of Yoga,
It is not hard, it is challenging,
During Yoga take the words I can’t, it’s hard, and I am not good at this out of your vocabulary,
It will probably make a big difference if you take it out of your life as well,
Coach Yulia

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