It keeps happening!

What is happening in the world? I try to focus on my life, and cannot escape the horrors in London, post office rampage in San Francisco, shooting politicians, and now a kindergarten in China?  Our movies and our celebrities make it seem light, and even art, and it is getting out of hand.

DM Miller
Inciting violence leads to violence. Maybe the shooter today was crazy. Maybe Kathy Griffin thinks she’s funny. Maybe that NY play is “art.” Maybe Snoop Dogg’s video is “art.” Maybe Madonna’s speech about blowing up the White House wasn’t to be taken literally. Maybe this, maybe that, but the fact remains: inciting hatred and violence leads to violence. It’s pretty simple. Stop the incitement, and you stop the violence.
This Must End.
From Robert De Niro to Snoop Dogg to Kathy Griffin, celebrities have repeatedly used violent rhetoric and images to attack the president.
Afshine Emrani is feeling frustrated.
Liberal friends: When you divide the country by embracing terrorist sympathizers (marching with Linda Sarsour, mock beheading by Kathy Griffin, Fareed Zakaria recommending Trump’s assassination, Madona burning down the White House, Keith Ellison’s vile language, NYTimes giving voice to Muslim Brotherhood) inciting violence against our democratically elected President, why are you surprised when a gunman is emboldened to shoot down our elected officials? Do you ever stop to think? #Alexandria#Shooting#FlagDay#SMH


I honestly have never liked news, and now it is worse than ever, for ratings, for money, they spin stories, to rile people up, its disgusting.

Who is standing up for senseless violence and disregard for human life?

Coach Yulia

Sherrie Mathieson
My letter to CNN (Begin with them but will pursue all these biased venues!)..
I strongly doubt that you can resist your incendiary coverage of our POTUS. Nevertheless I’m going along with your pretense of caring what a Trump supporter may think or feels.
In that spirit I want to state that I’m college educated, an immigrant that waited 7 years for citizenship, am in the arts, sensitive to others, and loathe injustice.
No matter how abrasive the election may have been—nothing that I see in your biased coverage today– can condone the lies, innuendos, and inspiration for hate– that repels me from watching you anymore.
I’m not naive—I know you thrive on agitation and inspiring division in our country. You claim to be an honest purveyor of news. Well then why are you utterly consistent in trying to bring our President down? This is not my imagination—I share this view with millions in this country. It’s your rhetoric ( and of course you have plenty of company) that has helped bring a demented man to his wits end and turn to murder today. However–It’s your coverage that reaches around the world—and poisons the world view of a president that we love, voted in for real change, and wants desperately to deliver his promises—that I particularly reject.
Spare me your usual retort—that you are charged with oversight and critical review. It’s time to get a conscience for the damage you’re doing under a false, hate-filled narrative.
Blood is on your hands for making $$$ your only priority. I don’t want to see the day when there’s further tragic consequence—due to the incessant biased “news” you present on TV and on the Net.
Does CNN have a conscience? I doubt it—but my fondest wish is for you to prove me wrong.


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