I’m having feelings

I started writing this blog right after my third child was born for many reasons.  Besides being a wonderful release for me to express myself, it was a great way to promote my business and share what I do on a daily basis.  I also love how I write my brain flow, sometimes things inspire me in advance, but most of the time, my 90 word per minute typing helps my thoughts pour right out onto the page.

Before marriage and children it would have been a very different blog, but I did have fun reminiscing about childhood and my adventurous single life.  So now I am getting to an interesting place, where before it was raw emotion, and sometimes reacting to what I was passionate about that was making an impact in our world and on the news.  I am lucky to have friends from all walks of life, so I love to be a source of balance, communication, and hopefully a place to find a middle ground to move forward.

Now my children are very independent, have very busy school, friends, and extracurricular activities that fit each personality.  Although they are 8,7, and 5, they really are all grown up from the baby and toddler years, and its a wonderful place to be for me.  We can have real conversations, and they acknowledge and appreciate everything my husband and I do for them.

I find myself having feelings of wanting to be more present, give them the undivided attention they deserve, and how lucky I am that their souls picked me as their mom.  My work has literally saved my sanity, and it really was a great place to escape and counterbalance life with three little ones, but now I want to not work sometimes, and have as much quality time as possible with the kids.

All three are in between school and camp for two weeks,

I got non stop plans,

They have no choice but to have fun,

They are getting all of me,

Coach Yulia

Editor’s Note: As the first yahrtzeit of Elie Wiesel’s death draws near (Sivan 26, June 20), his only child……

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