Positive Movement: Divide and Conquer


As much as I feel challenged in motherhood, today was a day of Nachas!

  • naches / nachas (נחת): pleasure, satisfaction, delight; proud enjoyment[11] (usage: I have naches from you) (from Hebrew נחת‎ pronounced ‘nachat’)

My mother is an accomplished musician, writer, artist, performer, you name it, she can do it.  I love performance as well, and each of my children enjoy different aspects of the arts.  My oldest followed in my mother’s footsteps, completely understand the language of music, and plays piano effortlessly.  Practicing is not his favorite, but at his recitals, he just goes up and does his thing,  and has been graded superior by judges.  He has been playing for two years, he is almost 9.

My daughter did not pick what she liked until last summer, she did a performance arts camp, which taught her jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet, and her favorite, gymnastics.  Today she was part of an Alice in Wonderland production, where all the different dance troupes performed, she was the Alice of her group, she rocked it.

My little man is a dancer, he is always creating moves, I just started both boys in basketball, and excited for all of them to swim this summer.

I am grateful that the world was not on my radar today.  My husband had the boys and my daughter and I ran all over to parties, performances, and shows together.


Coach Yulia


I am in awe of how our bodies move, of what is possible and how easy it looks when dancers, athletes, and performers have skill and passion, WOW!



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