“We are all Walking Miracles”

My usual day of relaxation,  naps, and reading draws me to Jewish learning and thoughts.  This article talks about moments in life where you get upset over running late, or missing a parking spot, but later realize how life unfolds is literally magic.


Yesterday all of my kids finished their last day of school, camp is in two weeks, my husband is working and unable to help with the kids when I have classes.  I have figured out most details, but I have a Doula client due next week, and luckily I just found someone I can call to drop everything and be with my kids.

I am so grateful for school and camp, and all of the people that are so wonderful with kids.  For me motherhood us the ultimate challenge and adventure, many ups and downs, but ultimately everybody wins.  I found this article so helpful, I am always looking to learn, grow, and figure out how I can take care of me too.


When I step off the world, I am so happy to leave politics, and turn everything else off, I do not miss the news.  I am honestly not interested, it is 100% me time, as well as family, friends, and community time.  It is not easy because it gets into conversation, but I do my best to keep it out of my mind and my mouth.


As much as I love stepping off of the world,

I love the craziness, reality, ups and downs of it all too!

Shavua Tov,

Coach Yulia

Shavua tov a good week a week of peace may gladness reign and joy increase hebrew


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