Wonder Woman

I love the buzz happening around Wonder Woman, and I have already heard many exciting details from friends that have seen the movie.  Many of us grew up with her, and she represents the total woman, beautiful, strong, kind, and now I relate to her more than ever.  Gal Gadot is such a real representation of a Jewish sister, born in Israel, humble, wife and mother, with a background as a solider, just wow!


Everybody is talking about a woman director, and a woman lead, and how the world needs more of this type of thinking, energy, strength, and example.  The article above is so interesting because it talks about how when Wonder Woman was created around WWII, she was an alternative to the masculinity of male super heroes, and she was a softer yet firm approach to battling evil like the Nazis.

I have had some fun dressing up as Wonder Woman in my life, and now my fearless, strong, and talented daughter will be performing in a show with her gymnastics class (for women only).


Coach Yulia


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