Something can happen in an instant

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Just now, about five minutes before I crossed the main intersection next to where I live, as I put the keys into my front door, I heard a screech and a crash, and it is really bad.  I pray that everyone is OK, and now there is a backup on Pico and La Cienega, for those of you that live in the area.  I am a good driver, I am a careful driver, I was driving my kids and a good friend of my daughter, Thank God the intersection was safe when I went through.  All we can do every moment is be grateful for the good, our health, our spouse, our children, and our life.

Yesterday yet another terrorist attack shocked London, my heart goes out to the victims and their families.

Alan Silver
● A Canadian is the first person to be confirmed dead
● An Australian waitress slashed across the throat from behind is one of 48 injured
● 7 people from France were injured, 4 critically. One is still missing
● A victim from New Zealand is in coma after being stabbed in the face. His girlfriend is in unknown condition
● One Spanish resident is among the injured
● A British Transport Police officer was stabbed in the face. An off-duty Metropolitan Police officer was also among those injured.


Also yesterday a good friend of mine who left everything behind in Los Angeles to start a relationship, moved back into town, I admire her for going for it, and want to give her a big hug.

I am grateful for my blessings,

Coach Yulia


Sherrie Mathieson
Excellently said👍🏻 by Sybele Capezzutti
I’ve seen lots of comments after the Kathy Griffin fiasco about how at a protest some people had an Obama effigy with a noose on his neck as a way of justifying her actions.
First, let me be clear that I thought that was inappropriate as well.
Unfortunately, there are people on both sides who don’t know their limits and confuse their freedom of speech with the license to forgo decorum. The same way that some people feel the need to use offensive language to express their frustration, which leads to nothing but more disagreement.
That being said, there are two main reasons why Ms. Griffin’s “artistic expression” went way beyond the offensive and crossed into the realm of completely unacceptable.
First, she is a celebrity, a D celebrity nonetheless but still someone with enough exposure to influence weak minds.
Second, she used her ability to reach millions to normalize what we are trying to eradicate.
In a time when the fight against the evil practices of ISIS has become the focus of so many nations, to perform a mock execution that would make any ISIS fighter proud is simply despicable!
That is why there is no moral relative between the two incidents.One was done by stupid people and we only know about it because some reporters published the images.
The other done by not only Ms. Griffin but an entire crew who spent time and money planning and putting this together with the purpose of releasing it to millions of people to see.
And no one in this crew had any idea of how grotesque this was and how they were promoting the radical ideology we have been fighting? Give me a break!
I’m a strong supporter of free speech, but I also expect people to have enough common sense to understand the consequences of their actions and words.
I’m free to say whatever I want to my son, but I certainly wouldn’t choose to say anything that would influence him to do something stupid or harm his self esteem.
Part of being a balanced adult is knowing how to use this freedom in a way that a positive outcome is achieved,
I’m hoping that this incident will force people from all political ideologies to re examine their actions and understand that if you allow yourself to embark in a hateful mindset without any restrain, you will eventually misuse your freedom and lose the ability to be heard.

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