“Honesty without tact is cruelty”


Such a powerful statement, “honesty without tact is cruelty.” The only way I operate is to be straightforward, real, genuine, and saying it like it is all of the time.  There is a right way and place in every situation, and especially in the current climate, we should choose our words carefully.

While everyone has been busy the last few days, my family and I along with Jews all over the world have been celebrating one of our major holidays, Shavuot.  It is about reconnecting to our history, our community, and ourselves.  It is amazing how a couple days of celebration, tons of food, and socializing is so exhausting, yet exhilarating.

Onward to getting ready for Shabbat tomorrow, and here is a Jewish saying that sums it all up:

“Between Shabbat and Jewish holidays, all the other days are preparation.”

Literally non stop fun,

Only Simchas,

Coach Yulia

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