Outdoors is magical

Today the kids and I were outside all day, hopping from party to party.  We are so blessed to live in the magical Los Angeles warm sun and cool breeze.  There is a special feeling when you see a sunrise or sunset, the ocean, or hiking among the trees.  This article is so powerful about the upcoming holiday of Shavuot, and how when the Jewish people received the Torah, it was in the desert, out in the open, the great outdoors.


I do my best to explore with my children, to get them away from devices, and notice everything happening around them.  I feel lucky to see magic and miracles in every aspect of life, and would love my children to have a glimpse into my frame of mind that I like to call my happy bubble.

Beautiful occurrences keep happening, and I connect with who I am meant to support.

I feel it deep,

I am so grateful to be authentic, straightforward, and present,

Vibrating light, positive energy, and awareness,

Open yourself up,

It is all around you,

The outdoors is magical,

It is a good place to start,

Coach Yulia


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