Nothing went according to plan today

Every day my schedule changes moment to moment, and I like it that way.  As a Doula, I can get a call any minute, and Thank God my husband is always ready to drop everything and be with the kids.  Also I have many pregnant clients, and I always tell them that especially in pregnancy, there is no pressure, you just listen to your body, and come when you feel good.

Sometimes my brain really thinks I can get all over town in 15 minutes to half an hour, and this morning I totally miscalculated.  I had two classes in a row this morning, and did not give myself enough time to get to the second one and had to cancel, lesson learned, felt bad, things happen, will work on not doing that again.

I had to make it to my teacher’s Yoga class today, for those of you that know him, it is Raghavan’s 85th birthday!

Then I had to run to finish the last hours of my community service.  I got a red light ticket in Culver City, there is no way out, Thank God I am doing the hours at Goodwill.  I feel like a retail queen, everyone is happy to work, they are a special place that trains people with disabilities.  Everything is clean, organized, and I even got to style the mannequins today, grateful.  I was explaining to the security guard who was 6’4″ about Pilates, and he knew exactly what I meant when he asked, Kegels? A lady customer walking by asked if he just said Kegels, and we all had a good laugh.  By the way, men activate in a similar way in the perineum, and if you urinate and stop your flow, you will feel how to do crunches from the inside out.

I was trying to reschedule a Yoga class I have tomorrow, because I wanted to do an activity with my kids in their school, and while I was laughing about kegels, and working, I missed a message saying that they were able to reschedule, and now have to work tomorrow.

Then I ran across town to two Yoga classes, and now finally home.

All I can do is take a breath,

Know deep down everything happens as it needs to,

Keep moving forward and sharing my purpose in this world,

I am blessed to have the gift of being present,

That is what I bring to Yoga, Pilates, and as a Labor and Birth Doula,

Happy to be home,

Good Night,

Coach Yulia

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