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Yesterday was a day without plans, and it was hot, so I really wanted the kids to get wet and have fun.  My daughter said she didn’t want sand in her bathing suit, so no beach, we don’t have a pool place that we love, and that would of meant I couldn’t relax, have to be on watch while kids swam.  So we left the car at the metro nearby and rode it into downtown to Grand Park splash pad, it was perfect.  Then a mom nearby told me she was going to the Broad museum for a special kids day, and we said why not.  We took the picture above, and saw and made some cool art.

I have been getting my news online about Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel, and that he is the first sitting present to go to Israel.  Then we heard the sad news of an explosion at a concert in Manchester, which is still under investigation.  Lastly, an elderly Jewish man in our community was assaulted for no reason, he was obviously dressed, and it was all caught on camera, it was on the news, police are still looking, video is below.

My brain is all over the place,

Grateful for my blessings,

Prayers for everyone that has been attacked,

Coach Yulia


It’s disturbing video that’s difficult to watch. But police hope it will help catch a savage attacker.

A man is viciously beaten in the Fairfax District in an unprovoked attack. Now police want to know if he was singled out because of his faith. Eyewitness News with the hunt for the suspect. Tonight at 11 from ABC7.

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