I do not like hype, news, drama, only truth

I honestly do not know how long I have not listened to news.  The reason I stopped a long time ago is because it was always bad, seemed more like a soap opera or popular show, trying to reel you in to keep watching.

When I am driving, I have national public radio on, and I feel usually every side of a story is reported.  Recently, it has been to much for me also, so I am grateful to be connected to people from all over the world on the internet, regular people, and listen to their point of view.

This article is so powerful about learning about each other’s cultures and history, and making your own decisions, http://blogs.timesofisrael.com/growing-up-north-of-israel-how-i-became-an-ardent-zionist/.

Today I see history in the making as Saudi Arabia hosts Donald Trump and almost every country in the Middle East region, vowing to work together against Islamic extremism. You can feel the respect in the room, and I feel it is the start of a new era.

Coach Yulia

Howard Kligman No political correctness, no happy talk a historic speech for the history books. The problem is When King Salman of Saudi Arabia says he’s for “moderation & tolerance,” he doesn’t mean towards Jews. One of my favorite lines is Pres. Trump in Riyadh: “Terrorists do not worship God, they worship death.” Also “America is prepared to stand with you,” but Middle Eastern nations “cannot wait” for US to defeat terrorism for them. I also liked “This is not a battle between different faiths…this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human life.” A lot of good lines to many to mention them all. Social media buzz has many believing that Trump will be the greatest President of all time. The main stream failing media is losing their minds over this right now.
The audience is significant, leaders representing more than 50 Muslim countries — virtually all except Iran & Syria.
David Kardish It is actually a very smart move to make any plea for peace in the one place where all the players live..on their turf with them all there. No insults given but definitely food for thought as the weapon sales represent different aspects of this conflict…how much better if this money could be spent on the people……who do not live in the beauty and opulence of the host’s palace.

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