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This video is so awesome for so many reasons, because it is about how life works.  The popular song shape of you is by this funny guy, who doesn’t take himself too seriously.  It took time for him to fine tune his talent, and he gave it his all.  He is so awesome, but not classically handsome, and even the rest of his music doesn’t have a certain sound, I never heard of him before the song shape of you.

My brain is always noticing how everything moves in just the right time and pace.  How one thing leads to another, and even if something seems challenging, it could lead to something you never imagined.

I have recently attended a few births as a Doula, and what I found was the most important factor in the baby and body progressing, is the mom relaxing and breathing. Letting go of control is not easy, getting out of our head, but it literally turned around what could have been major abdominal surgery, to baby finding the way out.

My final thought is how change can happen over a period of time, or instantaneously. Life changes from moment to moment, one week ago, my 101 year old grandmother took her last breath, she is in my thoughts.

I will leave you with a powerful story of change,

It has to be conscious,



Hard Work,

Also it’s best when it is from your gut, passion, life force,

Feel it and do it,

Coach Yulia

Hirshy Minkowicz
All Lanes Open
For those of us living in the Atlanta area, it was probably the worst traffic disaster imaginable. An elevated section of highway had collapsed due to an uncontrollable fire that had broken out beneath the road. This was not just any highway, rather the main artery that serves as the connector between the south and north of the city.
By the time everything was said and done, 700 feet of highway needed to be replaced making passage impossible for the thousands of people that traveled it daily in order to get to work, school, shopping, the airport, anywhere.
Life would not be the same until the highway could be repaired, which was estimated at best to take at least six to eight months.
People found alternate routes and life went on, yet for many people their daily travel time had doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled, along with all the challenges it brought.
Fast forward six weeks and the governor announced last week with excitement in his voice, that the broken highway was fully rebuilt, and would open for business the following Monday morning.
There I was this Monday morning on the way to catch a flight, driving through the newly built section of highway with a large sign above that proudly proclaimed: All lanes now open.
We went from utter collapse to complete renewal in just over six weeks. A total transformation that was supposed to take a very long time had somehow gotten done in a mere 44 days.
It helped that the contractor was given an incentive of thousands of dollars for each day he could finish the project ahead of schedule with an ultimate extra bonus of over three million dollars for finishing it this week.
It also helped that the crews worked real hard, twenty fours a day, seven days a week to get the job done early. And that they used the same contractor who first built the highway so they had the original blueprints on file and were able to follow them precisely.
Incentives, hard work, following the original blueprint, sounds like the right recipe for a total transformation in just 44 days.
And it all happened at the same time of the year that we celebrate the total transformation of the Jewish people from being oppressed slaves in Egypt into spiritually connected people with the receiving of the Torah at Mount Sinai, all of which took just seven short weeks.
The Torah is G-D’s blueprint for personal transformation, and contains the great incentive and benefit of living a more meaningful and inspired life.
Incentives, hard work, following the original plan; The Torahs guide for personal transformation in just 49 days. It works for us whenever we try it, and it just worked to save a city from a major traffic disaster.
Shabbat Shalom



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