Think,Work, and Attract


On one hand the world is a mystery and we are not in control, on the other hand, we can choose our path, direction, purpose, and fulfill everything that we want in this world.

After teaching seven classes, magically connecting with people that are on the same page as me, helping each other, understanding each other, and finishing my day, treating myself to the best massage in town.  We choose who we attract, how we operate in this world, and how we balance ourselves.  The goal is to have the choices be conscious, because unconsciously we can be inviting something we do not want into our lives.  It is as important to know what you don’t want, so let’s keep learning lessons, moving forward, taking responsibility, and being in awe of how perfectly life unfolds.

Choose wisely,

Great advice below,

Coach Yulia

Gedale Fenster
The Gemara and Rabbi Nachman both state that the essence of a man’s wealth come to him on account of his wife not his girlfriend. Guys time to get serious.


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