Mothering the new mother

Persian saying: “A mother’s womb is an artist’s studio.” 
No two siblings are identical. We speak often of the miracle of birth but the wonder of motherhood is less in the umbilical cord and more in the bond that nourishes with love an entire lifetime. #MothersDay

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There are so many beautiful wishes all over the internet, acknowledging mother’s that have passed on, or women that are working on becoming mothers.  Since I am a birth worker, I would like to bring attention on the birth of a mother, and how there is more focus on the baby, and the mother is just as important.

Especially when women become mother’s, they need to be mothered too, it’s not just about the baby.  I want to share a beautiful response about getting informed about labor and birth, and how important it is to know your options, and have a support team that you trust.

Nicoletta Gauci I think it’s incredibly important to communicate to your birthing team your goals. Some people are ok with routine cervical checks, some aren’t. Some people are ok with not having the golden hour after birth, some need that. Some people are anti drugs, some people specifically want the epideral. These are just a few examples. Without a plan how can you properly communicate your desires and preferences while in labor?
I think just like any ‘goal’ it’s important to understand that reality may take different turns, which is why I also had plans in place in case of a C-section. To me it’s not just about healthy babies it’s about healthy moms, mentally and physically.


I have been lucky to spend this weekend with my parents,

We got the sad news that my grandmother passed away this morning,

She was the matriarch of our family,

She was a beautiful example of strength, openness, always positive, and giving,

We were lucky to have her on this earth for 101 years,

I know you are always with us Babushka Anna,

Coach Yulia

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