Happy Mother’s Day


I love all the good wishes today from every perspective, and I relate on a different level of generations of mother’s.  The matriarch of our family passed away yesterday, she was 101, and she was the ultimate example of free spirit, girl, woman, wife, and mother.  My mother and I follow in her footsteps, and we were miraculously blessed to be together, even though we live across the country, when we heard the news.  My father was remembering that he had first talked to my grandma on the phone, when he had heard she had an amazing daughter, who would later became his wife, and she welcomed him with open arms.




babushka and family 001

My Babushka is only in her 70’s here, stunning, and my mom is always shining her light bright, I am a teenager with my handsome dad and brother

My heart is with everyone who has lost their mother, or was not able to be a mother, and for all of the amazing women that have raised children, and were mothering and giving love, and molding human beings.

I want to share some words that describe how I feel as a mother, as well as the video above.

Happy Mother’s Day,

Coach Yulia

Afshine Emrani
A constant I’ve learned in life: A mother is the family’s glue. Behind every undivided, loving family is the quiet strength of an intelligent, peacemaking mother. She teaches her children sacrifice, forgiveness, patience, love, and the significance of that all important family unit. Often, through food, over a meal, around a table, she brings everyone together. It breaks my heart to see divided, split families, siblings who don’t talk, infighting, and cousins who grow never knowing each other. But I so admire siblings that back each other up like rock, support one another like a solid chain, and I always look for the mother. Most of us men are chasing businesses and money, but mothers can do that and more. They are the foundation of our families and the anchors of our societies. God bless the family’s glue. #Mothersday#HappyMothersDay
God could not be everywhere, therefore made mothers.



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