It wasn’t the money, the furniture was special


I have had the most magical day, from two wonderful Yoga classes in the morning, to a lunch meeting new friends.  Rode my bike all morning, and then hopped in my car to meet a Doula client at her doctor’s appointment.  We wanted to surprise her doctor, because he was also my doctor who delivered my three babies, and I have been lucky to be a Doula along side him as well.

I have a large dollhouse that I have been trying to sell, not to make the money, but so someone that really wants it, gets it, instead of just giving it to a place or leaving it on the street.  Same thing happened to me as I was looking for a mix of an armoire/wardrobe for my daughter.  I wanted drawers and a place to hang clothes, and I happened upon a vintage one that was only $50 with a few scuffs on top, but otherwise real wood and perfect.  I was waiting for it to be delivered to me, but they weren’t able to get a truck, so I had to put my thinking cap on, luckily a good friend let me borrow hers, and I went at 9pm not too far away, even got $10 off for all my trouble.  It wasn’t the money they wanted, this piece of furniture was special to them, and they wanted it to be special to someone too.

The video above talks about believing that people are good, and I know this deep down.  It really makes a difference in your interactions and how you approach life and relationships.

Trying to teach my kids that this is the way to view the world,

Not to worry in advance, or see an agenda,

Just be real, and expect real,

If it’s not, your gut will tell you,

You will know,

Coach Yulia

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