Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder


As much as men enjoy looking at  beautiful women, women also enjoy good looks and that something special that exudes confidence and style.  I was cracking up with the comparison above, because the eyes just go directly to the left, and stay there!

As much as we are spiritual beings, we are also wired to physically have attraction in order to connect, be fruitful and multiply.  I was definitely looking for a tall, dark, and handsome and luckily all the other stuff about him was good too.

This has me laughing,

Laughter is the best medicine,

To each their own,

I always say I like genuine and real,

I definitely found it all in one package,

That’s why they make babies cute,

So we can deal with all the crying, diapers, and no sleep,

I can keep going,

Coach Yulia


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