No one will ever mess with my daughter

This article is very interesting to me,  On one hand it is truth about growing up as a girl, and on the other hand the writer has had her own bad experiences with her parents saying things are no big deal, when they are.  I was always a very independent person, even as a girl, felt very strong about who I surrounded myself with, strong in my sense of self, and love of self.  I feel my parents were a big part of creating a space where my strength and independence was encouraged and utilized, but it also was deep within me.

My daughter is the strongest person I know, not easy as a parent, but I do not worry about her at all in her life, she is tough inside and outside, and no one will ever mess with her.  It is deep inside of her, and I am happy because life will happen, and it will be up to her to say no, walk away, get help, and be strong in her boundaries.

Love the video below,

Only listen to yourself,

You can do anything,

Coach Yulia


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