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Yom Hazikaron is the national remembrance day observed in Israel for all Israeli military personnel who lost their lives in the struggle that led to the establishment of the State of Israel and for those who have been killed subsequently while on active duty in Israel’s armed forces.


Last week was Holocaust remembrance day, and today is a memorial day for all the soldiers that have perished defending the Jewish home on behalf of Jews all over the world.  I am so grateful that my parents made it a priority to instill in me my history and pride of my ancestors, nation, and way of life.  It is sad that many Jews are disconnected from this heritage, and stand in the way of their brothers and sisters,and even worse, against and endangering their own people.

Did you know that during the Holocaust, the New York Times was overseen by a secular Jew, that refused to believe that anything that horrific could really happen as it was happening.  There were even articles written on massacres of tens of thousands of Jews in Ukraine, and other places, and put in a tiny column in the middle of the paper, which barely anyone noticed.

I will never forget.

I will stand loud and proud.

Coach Yulia


Larry Hart
An open letter to those Left Wing Jews who participate in BDS or any anti Zionist, Anti Jewish, anti Israel organization.
There is nothing more despicable than traitors to their own people, especially in time of war, which Israel is engaged in. There is no lower form of human depravity to what you do in supporting this movement.
You know your actions are designed to ultimately result in Jewish blood being spilled, and yet you relish in the hope of Jewish suffering because of the work you do. Whether you are students, professors in the university, scientists, politicians, as well as home grown Israelis you have consciously chosen to stand against your own people—you are lost to us.
At least the Muslim who engages in this maintains some personal honor because he believes however, wrongly, that Jews have no right to live on Muslim holy land to begin with, But, you, what is your excuse?
You think that by siding with this enemy and lying about Israeli treatment of Palestinians is going to score you some international street cred? You are cowards in a basically cowardly movement. You deserve each other.
Because you side with the same historical enemy that we have faced so many times before, throughout our history, now manifested in this particular movement, which attracts the deadliest enemies of the Jewish people, the descendants of those who put us in ovens, you think you are now immune to that particular fate for the simple cost of selling the rest of us out?
Let me remind you that Jews took out full page ads in the social media of the 1930s, major German newspapers, imploring German Jews to give the Nazis a chance, they only wanted what was best for Germany and besides their threats against us would never be carried out. This, in the face of brown shirt violence against Jews who couldn’t defend themselves at the very moment they were pleading with the Jewish community for Nazi support. They died along with the rest of European Jewry. Your silence now at the murder of your own people in Jerusalem, Paris, London, and everywhere else Jews are dying at the hands of jihadists simply because they are Jews is sickeningly similar to those traitorous German Jews in the 1930s.
You think that because you stand with the mortal enemies of the Jewish people today that somehow exempts you from what you advocate for the rest of your people? Like the Judenraat in the camps, when they are done with all of us and you faithfully have helped them to complete their ghastly task, they will come for you, But, there will be no more Israel to protect you. Your fate is sealed in supporting this movement.
You are a disgrace.


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