Our Inside and Our Outside

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There is only one you, and you are in control of how you operate in this world.

Dorothy Tiano Melvin
The importance of a role model:
The Talmud lists seven possible reasons as to why a person can find himself isolated and lonely in life. One of the common elements that runs through all seven is that the person happens to be stingy, notjust in terms of his money, but in terms of his spirit. He is unable to look at those around him benevolently and be gracious to them or share any of his blessings, so the Torah tells him to live alone for one week and introspect. However, he is not allowed to return to society until he interacts with a cohen (priest), a spiritual person who will tell him when he is ready to rejoin society. The idea here is that the best way to wake us up to the opportunities life presents us is to have a role model, a person who can inspire us, someone who isn’t petty, but is patient, gracious, and generous. The right role model can do more for us than all the books and lectures in the world.– Shabbat Shalom!Rabbi Jawary


Not only do we choose what is on our inside, but we choose what we have around us on the outside.

Michael Chapuis
This morning, in the car, I thought I’d give my local NPR station another shot. I couldn’t listen to it for more than a minute. Bad news after bad news after news. I instantly felt uncomfortable.
It got me thinking about how much needless negativity we put up with on a daily basis.
We take literal vibrational beatings from the media, we think of it as normal and then we wonder why we feel like shit.
We wouldn’t even tolerate that barrage of negativity from a friend, and yet, here we are, riding this emotional roller coaster for the sake of being “informed”.
Focus allows momentum; we really need to become pickier about what we focus on.


I choose to be present, genuine, and positive.

Coach Yulia

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