I Like/I Do Not Like

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Before I met my husband I wrote a list of what I like and what I do not like, for instance, I do not have pets and I needed someone that also did not want pets.  It is as important to know what you do not want as what you want.  So one of my big challenges is cardio, as in exercise, and many people ask me what is best.  The answer is, you have to find what you like and do it.

I do not like exercise machines, hard to get to classes with my work schedule and kids, I do not like videos or anything at home, too much other things to do and distracting.

I like to ride my bicycle, just taught all my kids to ride without training wheels, they all got new bikes and I got mine all fixed up.  So today instead of driving my car, I rode from my place near Beverly Hills to my class in West Hollywood, it took 25 minutes, which is about the same time it takes to drive.

It is so important to figure it out,

It is so important to take the following words out of your vocabulary:

I can’t.

It’s hard.

I’m not good at it.



Coach Yulia

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People ask me at least once a week why I say “I was diagnosed with …” instead of “I have ….” The simple reason is our words matter! Our words become micro-self-prophecies. I was diagnosed with significant autoimmune disorders, that’s a personal historical fact. However, I don’t have to claim it, internalize it, or make it a part of my identity. Keep the villain outside yourself and your maintain your freedom to hope. #loveyourselfhealthy

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