Yom Hashoah

Afshine Emrani

Israel wasn’t born because of The Holocaust.

The Holocaust happened because there was no Israel.

Piki’in Jewish community that never left the land of Israel throughout the Roman exile.
הקהילה היהודית של פקיעין שלא ירדו מהארץ מתקופת בית שני.

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Education is the key, this is the last generation of Holocaust survivors, and Thank God for pictures and videos of stories, we can pass it on to future generations and learn from this extreme hate that brutally destroyed so many lives.

I am in awe of the stories, especially of hope and faith even when everything is crumbling down around them.


In light of the March for Science yesterday, as you know new discoveries are happening every second, but there is so much more that we are not even close to knowing.  Yes there is more, but it is wonderful when science proves history and facts, mind blowing story below.

Never Forget,

Never Again,

Thank God Jews have a home in Israel,

Coach Yulia

“Holocaust Escape Tunnel,” a “Nova” production to be shown April 19, sheds new light on the attempt by 80 imprisoned Lithuanian Jews to make a break for freedom in the face of Nazis. 70,000 Jews were buried here. Unbelievable story.

Holocaust Escape Tunnel from NOVA

In the heart of Lithuania, a Holocaust secret lies buried. A team of archaeologists probes the ruins of a Nazi death camp to find the truth

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