Altitude, Legal Weed, Nausea 

This has definitely been one of the best Passovers I have ever had. It was so wonderful to be with family, the cousins had the most amazing time together. We were non-stop,  after hour 16 hour drive the next two nights were the Passover Seders, then a fun community event in the mountains.  Our hotel smelled like weed,  maybe it was the altitude, too much sun or dehydration,  I am so happy to be headed back home right now. My husband had headaches, two of my kids threw up yesterday and one this morning.

Overall it was such fun, family bonding, and delicious! I’m happy to spend the last days of Passover with our friends, family, and community in Los Angeles.

Chag Sameach,

Happy Passover,

Coach Yulia 


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