After our own slavery, we stand and understand

Afshine Emrani Rabbi Leeman marched with Martin Luther King has died at 100 – he & other Jews were completely erased from #Selma Shame. BDE
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I am in awe with our world today, how some things make news, and others just don’t, and therefore people are misinformed, or only know one side.  Martin Luther King Jr. is one of a kind, and I am proud that my Jewish brothers and sisters stood side by side with him for freedom.
Afshine Emrani As Christians flee the Middle East, I’m proud of Israel, which has five times as many Christians as it did in 1948. Happy Easter. 🇮🇱
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Also in international news, Christians that are suffering in the Middle East are ignored, and today is Easter, so in honor of their plight and freedom, I want to wish everyone in my life who celebrates a beautiful and meaningful holiday.


We still have a few days of Passover to go, and I found this article interesting about Easter and Passover,
Chag Sameach!
Coach Yulia
Afshine Emrani
At the start of the Seder we take a whole matzah and break it into half. Why? Isn’t it bad enough that the poor bread has no yeast, can’t rise. Do we have to break it too? What’s with us Jews? At the very start of a New Year, we sit around and remind each other that we were once slaves? Who does that? What other people do you know that every year, for over 3000 years reminds its children of their humble beginnings. I mean people celebrate conquests, accomplishments. Fourth of July. Independence Day. Nope. We’re like “remember, we were once slaves!” It’s like the African American community celebrating slavery? Bizarre. It’s not like we were treated well. They beat us. They killed us. They pushed us in between the bricks and made fossils out of our bodies. Slavery. Unleavened bread. Breaking the matzah? Such glutton for punishment we are. Now, pay attention. The Jew has no massive cathedrals. We have no major landmarks. Oops. Wait, even our temple, which has only one wall and resembles the matzah is broken. Even the place where we received The Torah (wait, the first set of Tablets were broken)… was the smallest little hill. Under the Khoopah, we break the glass. Even our leader, Moses was a Shepard with a speech impediment. What’s wrong with us? Why can’t we boast a bit? Could it be that brokenness is our secret? That we are stronger where we’re broken? That God actually loves imperfection? The Kotzker Rebbe: “There’s nothing more whole than a broken heart.” Chag Sameach.
A Gorilla munches on matza (unleavened bread ), the traditional food for the upcoming Jewish festival of Passover, April 19, 2005 at a Safari park in Ramat Gan near Tel Aviv, Israel. The park will only feed the animals food that is Kosher for Passover, a week-long holiday which marks the exodus of the Biblical Hebrews from ancient Egypt.
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