Reconnecting with my Inner Child

I grew up in Denver, Colorado from the age of 7 to 14 years old, and have such amazing memories.  We were an immigrant family, embraced by the Jewish community helping everyone coming from the former Soviet Union settle in.  What do I remember? Friends, Jewish education, and fun trips every summer with Gan Israel.  We also owned a sub shop, and had a dog, but one thing sticks out, the alpine slide.  Today I thought I had the opportunity to ride it again, but although I was at the right place, a fun day out organized for everyone celebrating Passover that has off, to come to Heritage Square.  It seemed much smaller, and not only because I was not a kid anymore, but I read later that day that it had closed at he end of the 2015 season, along with another portion of the park, The kids did have a blast, and it was the most gorgeous sunny and cool weather, everyone had a great time.

Just a few days left until we head home after Shabbat, enjoying family, food, and fun. Also excited to celebrate the last days of Passover in Los Angeles, and send the kids to school right after!

Love togetherness,

Love Holidays,

Love time off,

Love Vacation,

It all makes you appreciate the routine,

Love my every day,

Yoga and Doula Life,

Coach Yulia

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