I could have been with a childhood friend tonight

We have had such a wonderful time with family in Denver, and our Passover Seders were beautiful, meaningful, and delicious.  I got to see my side of the family as well that lives here, and saw cousin’s from my husband’s side that we  have not seen since we first got married almost 10 years ago.

Our children are having a blast with their cousins, and today was the last day of the holiday where we stay together and celebrate, and the next few days are just fun days off.  So tonight I had planned a night out with a childhood friend of mine that I grew up with in Miami, and now lives here.  I always want to squeeze everything in, and sometimes it is not in the cards.  This morning while getting ready to go to my family to also celebrate my sister in laws birthday, the kids distracted me, and when we got back to our place this evening, I could not find my phone anywhere.

By the time I found my phone, it was too late, and it is the flow of life, she has work tomorrow, and is not that close by.  So now the kids are asleep, and my husband and I have an early night, tomorrow we are headed to the mountains to a fun amusement park that I used to go with when I lived here as a kid and went to Gan Israel.

I am a little sad, reconnecting with friends throughout my life is so much fun.  It is amazing how we have bloomed and where we are in life.  I know we will meet again, and for now I just have to let go, be present, and be grateful when things go as we want, and accept when they do not.

Today at our lunch table we were playing a game that asked questions about Passover and about life.  My question was what would I want to change about my family, community, and the world.

Family – absolutely nothing, totally content, grateful and blessed.

Community – I would love for the Jewish community all over the world to mirror my community in Los Angeles, Jews from all walks of life being friends and respecting each other’s customs, tradition, and spiritual path.

The World – For everyone to wake up and be open to learning about Jewish history, Jewish people and Israel and all people, countries, religions, races and nationalities accepting and respecting each other’s differences.

Chag Sameach,

Happy Passover,

Coach Yulia




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