Chag Pesach Kasher v Sameach

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“Chad Gadyah” carbon pencil and a rag on paper (LJB)
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If you have Jewish friends, then you must be seeing a flurry of activity and well wishes, and the one above is in Hebrew wishing everyone a kosher and happy Pesach.  I love to read deep thoughts and meanings about the Jewish holidays, and how powerful it is to imagine slavery, then becoming a nation, and a family that spans the world.

Below is a father of seven kids who suddenly lost his wife, she was under 40 years old.  His recent experience shows the Jewish connection to having questions answered, and knowing you are never alone.

Chag Pesach Kasher v Sameach,

חג פסח שמח וכשר

Happy Passover!

Coach Yulia




Hirshy Minkowicz
Let My People Go
Every so often I wonder about how much we resemble the original Jews that left Egypt who were the founders of our people. Every so often I get a fantastic response.
With Passover beginning tonight that question has been swirling around my mind recently. The answer arrived yesterday in a brown paper shopping bag.
The bag was anonymously sent to us, and inside it were eight small white gift boxes, each beautifully tied with a ribbon and a name tag for every one of my children.
The kids excitedly opened their gift boxes to each find two chocolates and a gift card at a local store. Yet it was the note that was attached which was the greatest gift of all.
A simple piece of paper contained a message addressed to each one of them by name:
Please accept this as a small gift for Pesach (Passover) from Living Legacies, a group of friends who have lost a parent, supporting each other. Enjoy!
There we no names signed on the note, no email addresses or websites, no one we could contact to say thank you, just one loving heart reaching out to another.
These are the people that G-D redeemed out of Egypt 3329 years ago, millions of whom will gather tonight at the Seder table to celebrate the birth of our nation.
Wishing y’all a happy and meaningful Passover

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