Freedom with boundaries

This article is wow,, and I challenge you to think about what exactly freedom means to you.

Tomorrow night Passover begins, and Jewish people all over the world share with their family and friends our history from slavery, to the most amazing freedom that inspires us even today to be of service and a light in the world, and to be an example to everyone around us, including our children.

Last night we set of on an adventure, 18 hours later, which was really 16, our original plan,  because my husband took an hour to rest and the clock went forward one hour for mountain time.  It is amazing to me what could happen when you get a skilled and knowledgeable husband, who we literally trust with our lives on the road.  Then there is me, the go with the flow, everything will be great, always up for an adventure wife.  We shove our three kids under 8 into a passenger van filled with enough food to feed all of Israel, and just do it, because why not, because it is nice to get out of the routine, and get away.

For those of you that are wondering why would we do this, observant Jews are even more strict with what they eat for the eight days of Passover, and it goes way beyond bread.  Besides the fact that we live in the heart of a Jewish neighborhood in Los Angeles with good deals, so we brought the bulk of what was needed for the Passover Seder to Denver to our family.

So we went through highway 70 that literally gave us different weather every few miles, from snow, ice and bare trees, and then sunshine, green fields, and animals.  We even saw a few large vehicles turned over, not a doubt in my mind, that even though my husband was on minimal sleep, his 10 years of trucking experience will keep us travelling safely and in one piece, Thank God!

So when we finally arrived after the kids actually sleeping most of the night, then there was some nausea, I won’t go into any more detail, and are we there yet?  Overall it was pretty amazing, I am impressed how they handled themselves overall, and honestly minimal devices, because in the mountains there was no service.  We went straight to our family to drop off all the frozen chickens, matza, chocolate spread, and they served us a pizza dinner, one last treat of leavened heaven.

Once we got to our destination, I told everyone to wash up, and go to bed, I unloaded the car, took a shower, and now had to just get all this craziness on paper, I mean blog.

So ready to LAY DOWN IN A BED,


Chag Sameach,

Coach Yulia

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