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In our everyday lives we are conscious how important it is to be active and take care of the amazing machine we call our body.  I like to say that massage is not a luxury, but a necessity, and for others it is chiropractic care or acupuncture.  Find what it is for you, and do it, and nowadays, you can get coupon deals, and if you live in Los Angeles, there are so many different types of places and options.  Tomorrow I scheduled myself an appointment at a Thai massage place, where they walk on your back, and many people have said that it is one of the best.  My body has not been 100% since I pulled my back around Thanksgiving, but I was on it, everything that I talked about above, plus rest, and now I feel much better, and totally ready for what is my favorite, a super deep, hard core massage, and in Thai places they bend you in all kinds of Yoga poses, excited and will update.


Monday was such a busy day, and if you read my blog, a bit hectic and Thank God everything is good.  I have classes throughout the day, but plenty of time to get our home ready for Passover.  It is part of Jewish custom to spring clean while you look for Chametz, which is literally crumbs, but also the junk you don’t need physically, and the junk you don’t need mentally, I am so happy to throw things out!  Yesterday everything flowed, my daughter’s class had a poetry reading, I was running late, but made it just before her class went on.  Had to pick up some forms at the kid’s doctor, they were so busy and overwhelmed with paperwork, I gave her a hug, and said I would come back later.  Then I had to go buy a white poster board for my son’s school project, when I got to the store, there was every neon color you can imagine, then I just started looking through the pile one by one, and a white was waiting, hidden, just for me.  After I got home, kids were all in school, I was exhausted from the day before, and had an easygoing day until the kids got home.  Sometimes we just have to stop everything, and today I am recharged and preparing for our trip!


Trip? Yes we are headed out of town for Pesach, visiting family and friends, everything is mostly ready, so excited!

On Passover, we do not eat anything that is made of grains, and the Matza we eat has to be prepared in 18 minutes, every detail matters.

Coach Yulia

Alan Silver
Making shmurah matzos.
The whole process cannot take a second longer that 18 minutes from the moment of adding water to the flour until the end product.

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