Interesting Muslim and Arab voices for Israel

Noor Dahri
💣 The most worthwhile job in the PA is to murder a Jew.
Ayla Shapira suffered burns all over her face and arms when a Palestinian teen threw a Molotov cocktail at the car she was traveling in when she was just 11. Almost 14 now, she went to Brussels to tell her story at the European Parliament and warn MEPs their aid money is not going to peaceful purposes: A Palestinian teacher makes $250 a month, a terrorist gets $3,300.
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In our multimedia world of information, we get sources from all over.  The good thing is we get an overview from every angle.  On the other hand most people have only their friends with similar views that they are reading, and do not see the other side.  I am grateful for Muslim and Arab voices that are clear on Israel and supporting the Jewish people.

Thank you!

Coach Yulia

There are two ways to win peace. One way is to continue the conflict until the other side has……


The Palestinian Authority (PA) was once called the Palestinian Liberation Organisation (the PLO). It was chaired by Yasser Arafat,……

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