Busy, Scary, Grateful, Good Night

7:30am Yoga for Teachers at a Private Preschool

8:45am Yoga for ladies at my home studio

10:30am Yoga at 24 Hour Fitness West Hollywood

12pm Yoga at 24 Hour Fitness Hollywood

1:30pm Prenatal Yoga at my home studio

2:30pm pick up my 7 year old daughter from school

A friend hung out with her until I got there, and then our daughters ended up picking vegetables from their school garden.  When we got home, she was excited to make a salad.

5pm Pick up my youngest from school and bring him home

5:30pm Take my daughter to her musical performance, where my oldest son was finishing up his after school athletics.

6pm Frantic call from the friend I hung out earlier, they had an emergency, everything is ok, but they needed my help to pick up their daughter, who was also in the musical performance, and did not want to miss it, someone else was going to take her home, done.

6:45pm The first grade musical was over and my daughter was nowhere to be found.

7:10 After a frantic search, she had decided to keep watching the rest of the musical, even though I told her not to, we saw it on Sunday in full together, this was the third showing. Even though I had to teach a class at 7:30pm on the other side of town, even though her older brother was with us and it was past their bedtime. Worst of all, I had looked into the theater three times, could not see clearly without my glasses, did not want to interrupt the musical for the other kids that worked so hard, and got a scary thought in my head that God Forbid there was a possibility that something scary happened.

Thank God it all turned out ok, parents helped me look, ask around, and we found her in the dark theater.

I called my class and told them I would be running a little late.

I put on my own acting show to my daughter to show her how upset I was, and I am a good performer, but deep down there was reality, she got the message.

Happy to be home now after getting to my class across town at 7:35pm.

Happy to blog it out of my system, as I drink some chamomile tea with honey.

Ready to jump in the shower, and hang with my husband, and be grateful for our life and family.

So ready to get the best sleep ever.

Deep down I knew she was in that theater, all the exits were manned, nobody saw a blonde girl wander off.



Good night,

Coach Yulia

long day

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