My guests last night

We love having guests for Shabbat dinner, and it ranges from our observant friends in our community to people that I meet from all over the world in my classes and life.  Yesterday I had an amazing couple, he is American and met his beautiful wife later in life, she is from France.  They were not Jewish and enjoyed our Shabbat traditions and food.  We started talking about extremism, and heard first hand how in France there are communities that do not integrate into society, and how unfortunately the violence is coming from Islamic radicalism.

Then when the conversation went to America and of course Trump, they were saying how they saw a documentary that listed the qualities of Hitler and how they are similar to the actions of Trump. I am open minded, and it was interesting to hear, but as  Jew, nothing and nobody compares to Hitler, who specifically targeted to exterminate Jews and other minorities.  Today I read an article that sparked my interest, exactly about this kind of thinking, and instead had another suggestion of similarity.

I would love to hear your thoughts,

Coach Yulia

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