Science and Judaism

Judaism and science go hand in hand, in the video above is an explanation of how we live life in this world with Jewish values and disciplines.

Many people think that science and religion are polar opposites, and maybe that is true when you compare it with other religions.  In Judaism we are taught to always question everything, find our own personal path, and how important it is to be in the world and shine our light bright and be of service.

Below is a fascinating story of a scientist that later in life connected to his Jewish roots. It is something much deeper than religion, it is in our DNA, it is our soul, our spiritual connection to how everything works in the world.

There is always personal choice,

I am grateful for the guidance and tradition,

My family unit gets enriched and internalizes the parameters,

Everything flows in harmony,

Even in disagreements, we continue to communicate and try to understand each other,

Thank God for the Day of Rest to take a break from everyone and everything,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


Micha Mitch Danzig
Interesting article about a young genius theoretical physicist who became an Orthodox Jew after he experienced anti-Semitism and rabid Israel hatred while he was at Oxford. That experience led him to do what he always does … research, and that research led him to his love of Israel and Torah.
At 33, he’s already being called the next Charles Darwin. Source: Rachel Tine for OZY A young MIT physicist may be close to figuring out the scientific origins of…

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