A Father’s Role in Labor and Birth


This is so beautifully filmed, and the father’s narration is so present and true.  As a Doula, I encourage the father to do what he is comfortable with, not everyone is a coach, and some wives just want their partner in life to look into their eyes and stay connected.

In religious Jewish tradition, the man is immersed in prayer, and the energy that the wife feels from that empowers her, and envelopes her with their beyond physical connection.

Lamaze was the first well known course that taught husbands to be labor coaches, which I think would work if the husband and wife are on the same page.  I was so blessed to meet my Doula through my husband’s sister, having a professional that was in control, so I could let go of control made my birth conscious, intense but not tense, and present to getting through it inwardly my way.

I encourage women to get a support team, maybe even family or friends.  The goal is to create an environment where she can feel completely comfortable to express herself and her needs.

To each their own.

There is not one way, there is no perfect way, there is just your way.

Each mother, pregnancy, labor, birth, and baby will be different.

Informed choice and consent is key.

Birth your way,

Coach Yulia

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