True Love


I am so proud of me.

This month has been amazing and fun, but also tons of energy to be out, on, and consciously squeezing every ounce of joy out of everything.

I also had the funnest Jewish holiday, Purim, where I like to go all out and have a blast, two huge events, and to top it off, two of my kids had birthdays this month.

I am always in awe how every person is so different. My children every year need different ways to express themselves, and completely different ways of celebrating their birthdays. When they are very little it is family and close friends, then simple preschool celebrations, and then you either have huge parties or just their best buddies doing something fun together.

I am grateful that I am enjoying figuring out what each child needs, and making their birthdays more than just one day, but non stop fun.

The video above is so powerful talking about how when we give, it is the ultimate love, because it benefits us as well.


Coach Yulia

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