There are extremists in each faith


Ed Beck
My heart is aching with the heavy thought that any young Jew would think it would serve any useful purpose to threaten hundreds of thousands of innocent Jewish and non-Jewish children, parents and seniors, staff and others in Jewish community centers around the world. There is no political or social agenda that calls for that kind of action and it is repugnant to every fiber of my Jewish and social justice being. I hope they throw the book at this young man. There is no defense, perhaps other than extreme mental illness which explains this behavior rationally. If he is mentally ill get him help immediately, but if he is not, lock him up and throw away the key. I am very very angry this morning with this news.


Nadiya Al-Noor
It’s not Islamophobic to say the Muslim community has a violence problem. We do. We really freakin’ do. And we have to address it, fight its roots, against interpretations of Islam that lead to violence. Most Muslims aren’t violent and don’t subscribe to a violent interpretation, but we’ve got an abundance of bad eggs and we can’t just sweep them under the rug.

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Especially in the United States white supremacists blatantly target minorities and people of color.


It is such a shock when extremism targets innocent civilians,

All we can do is shine brighter,

Stand together for diversity, freedom, and peace,

Coach Yulia

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