Broken Foot

No Not Me!

Thank God.

The crazy thing is many people around me are having foot things happen.  One from plantar fasciitis and needing surgery, another from skiing, and a few pregnant mommies one just swollen, and another fully broken!

It just occurred to me this morning, and I also just recently stubbed one of my feet.  Also on my mission to get healthy and aligned, after physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage, one of my feet started aching, maybe from dealing with not being aligned before all the alignment.


We have to take care of what keeps us grounded, balanced, and did you know that every body part is represented in the foot?

I find details fascinating, and especially how everything affects everything, we are not made up of pieces, everything is connected and affects each other, even our energy.  I love to talk about energy, and trusting your gut, and this article is about when things do not go the way you want them, maybe you should pay closer attention, and trust your gut.

Coach Yulia

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