Look into her eyes

I am a birth worker, a Prenatal Yoga teacher and Doula, and I am around pregnant women all day, but I look into their eyes.  I never look at stomach’s and it is crazy to me especially once you have had one child, everyone is looking at the belly and asking about the next.

It is never a good time to ask a woman if she is pregnant, just look into her eyes!

Also once you are obviously pregnant, people randomly tell you if you are having a girl or a boy.  They also feel comfortable asking a total stranger what is the name, gender, and other intimate details like it is friendly small talk.

Most importantly if someone starts telling you their birth story, tell them your doctor said not to listen, and do not listen.  It was their personal experience, and each mom, pregnancy, birth, and baby is completely unique and once in a lifetime .


It is a blessing,

Thank God for all of it,

Stay strong mamas,

Coach Yulia

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