The only way I can function is to let go

Rae Shagalov
I LOVE this! I would add one more. Whenever my students say, “It’s too hard!” I always say, ” Well good thing you are a person who can do hard things.” Then I help them create a strategy. This is called “planting seeds.”

Raising overcomers: How to teach your kids to do hard things

Ever wonder how to teach your kids to fight fear, to live brave and overcome hard things?


The article above is so powerful, and it is exactly how I operate in the world, and with my children. My almost five year old recently learned to ride without training wheels, and yesterday he tried out a new bike that was big for him.  The riding was easy for him, but as he was getting further and further away from me, I had a moment of what if he wipes out. He was wearing a helmet, he knew hot to break and stop on his little bike, but on this one his instinct was to jump off and fall to the side.  Thank God a few light falls, still figuring it out, but all I can do to keep myself sane is trust that everything will turn out fine, and my kids are in God’s hands.

Big decisions, jumping into challenges, and life in general I approach this same way, just go in head first, go all in, and then reevaluate, because I would not want to not try.

My kids will learn by example,
Life is life,
We learn,
We grow,
We thrive,
We have gratitude,
So blessed for conscious acknowledgement of revealed good,
Coach Yulia

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