Jewish thoughts about life and happiness


In this Jewish month of Adar, the goal is to be happy and find joy even if life throws you curves.

Find your happy,

Shabbat Shalom,

Coach Yulia


Michy Rav-Noy
HAPPY PI DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A few interesting thoughts/questions.
Does Pi have anything to do the G-d’s name Sh-D-Y ש-ד-י? it has the 3.14 element to it…in numerical value!
There’s is a Midrash that says that when Hashem created the wold it kept expanding until G-d utilized the above name and said די !!!! enough. What shape was the universe. A perfect circle…really a sphere, the 3d Circle…
Expanding Universe Theory?? Maybe. I don’t know.
Just a thought.
See this picture I added? We’ve all seen it. That’s what 7th grade math teachers put up on the board to teach us about Pi. Circumference…Radius…how fun!
We’ll one night…I was mischievous and I started doing some research in a Kaballa Book from the Ari Z”L and I….created a Golem…just kidding! But seriously, this is what I saw. This EXACT PICTURE. Why would the greatest Kabbalist in all of Jewish History have this picture in his holy book???
So I read on…to paraphrase…’When G-d created the world, there was just the infinite light….then, in order to create a world, G-d made a void. What shape was this void, a Circle….as mathematicians will tell you, that the perfect shape is a Circle. Then, in order for the world to be able to receive a more ‘finite’ light (of vitality), G-d strung down a ‘line’ of light called a ‘Kav’ in Hebrew. And this is the diagram. Now I don’t think any of this happened physically but more in a spiritual sense although, from the simple reading of the text (by a person who is simple…don’t forget) it’s implied that it took place physically. Nevertheless, Chassidic philosophy (which I do study even without being mischievous) explains that it was a spiritual concept.
Nevertheless! Math is the study of relationships. So what comes out from all this?? The relationship between G-d’s light that ‘surrounds’ creation and the “Kav’ is Pi. At least on some spiritual sense.
What I’m getting at is that nothing is a coincidence and when the math guys tell you how important Pi is…remember, as a Jew who is privy to Torah, each one on their level, or a Non-Jew who is learning the part of Torah that relates to the first of the seven Noachaide Laws, so is it on the spiritual plane.
Enough said…hey, that reminds me of a song.
Pi Pi-yeynu
Pi Pi-yeynu
Pi Pi-yeynu
Pi Pi-yeynu!!!!

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